3 SPECIFIC YouTube Videos You Can Create In An Afternoon

That Will Jumpstart Traffic To Your Offers...

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Hey business owner - If you're ready for CONSISTENT customers... WITHOUT paying for ads, you've got to KEEP READING.

If you aren't getting enough leads and you are putting MORE EFFORT into content creation... with FEWER sales...

It's Time For The RIGHT YouTube Strategy That Can Drive You Sales AROUND.THE.CLOCK.

Are you currently Feeling...

  • Tapped out with all the content creation process you're already doing

  • Overwhelmed at the thought of staying consistent on YouTube... will it ACTUALLY pay off

  • Nervous to show up on camera (or let's be real... get camera ready!)

  • Totally lost at what equipment you even need to get started

  • Worried all your efforts will end up being an even BIGGER waste of time, money, and resources

  • Exhausted thinking about dedicating more time to social media

  • Frustrated when it comes to creating a YouTube strategy

👏 WE 👏 GET 👏 IT

Online business strategies are changing...


Facebook ads are a VOLATILE rollercoaster that feels like a money waste.


Dancing on Tik Tok is a THING... and not something you're excited about.


Posting to Instagram DOESN'T EQUAL more followers.

👋 👋 👋

Gone are the days of scraping by with creating MINIMAL content...

And lets talk about that content creation...

It's SOOO time consuming and results from each post just doesn't last long...

  • An average Facebook post's life span is 6 HOURS
  • An average Instagram post's life span is 48 HOURS
  • Even the new belle of ball, Instagram Reels - Average life span 14 days (if you're lucky)

But a YouTube video can literally generate new leads for YEARS.

This is an ACTUAL YouTube video of mine from almost 2 YEARS ago... getting almost 8,000 VIEWS a month...STILL in 2022.

❓ How many NEW likes did your Instagram post from last month get this month?

❓ How many NEW views did your Reel get from last month?

❓ How many people showed up to your last live stream?

Are those posts generating the same traffic a month later?

🚴‍♀️ Or are you in a constant cycle of posting every day to keep up the views, likes and traffic?

You see, YouTube is the answer to content that gets MORE views the longer it lives... without needing to do a dance fad or spending DAYS on content creation.

If you're left wondering how to get started and see QUICK RESULTS with a brand new platform, keep reading.

What if I could show you how to take advantage of some pretty wild YouTube stats, like...

👀 YouTube is the second most popular website and search engine IN THE WORLD!

📈 88% of video marketers are satisfied

with the ROI of their video marketing

efforts across media channels.

💰 Brands that use video marketing grow their revenue 49% faster year-over-year than brands that don’t

📺 YouTube reaches MORE 18-34-year-olds than any other TV network!

Even with all that proof staring back at you, you still find yourself hesitating to put your heart, time, and expertise into video.

WHY? Because you REALLY want to know... WILL THIS ALL PAY OFF? Will YouTube actually get me the results I'm looking for?

How about some cold hard 💸cash💸 facts?

Below is a video I published where I promoted a $47 product.

I added the link to purchase right on my YouTube video and told people WHY they should buy it.

The spike in the Thrive Cart graph shows that ACTUAL increase in sales from that video!

Followed by spikes in sales every single time I released a new video thanks to my signature Firework Approach to YouTube content! 🎇

So with YouTube… WHERE DO YOU EVEN START?! 😳

>> You see, most YouTube programs only address one problem <<

How To Grow A Massive YouTube Channel (ie: be a YouTuber)


How To JUST Get Leads (ie: ignore the algorithm stuff)

If your YouTube strategy doesn’t balance making the YouTube algorithm happy with actually making sales in your business 🎉… all your work on YouTube will be for nothing!

Let’s make sure the time you put into ACTUALLY doing your hair and make-up turns into cash in your bank with my program:

Video Strategy Academy 3.0

(You’re going to LOVE this! )

VSA 3.0 is the COMPLETE YouTube system for business owners ready to create content that lives longer than a Tik Tok dance fad and drive sales for YEARS to come… without AD SPEND!

Possible for businesses of ALL sizes!

✅ Solopreneur ✅ Teams of one or two ✅ Teams of many

📣 Lets cut to the chase - Here's EXACTLY what's inside 👀

⬇️⬇️⬇️ Click on the video below to get a PERSONAL tour of VSA ⬇️⬇️⬇️

This is your fast track system to unlocking the secrets behind just throwing any video up on YouTube, to seeing a spike in sales every single time you publish a new video.

  • Have your channel working for you in 30 days or less with the Fast Action Playbook to avoid any more procrastinating.

  • Learn the 4:1 video planning method so you can film a MONTH of videos in just one day 🎬(Yes, that means only doing your hair and make-up once a month!)

  • Watch your site traffic and sales increase with each published video 💰 even if you are STRUGGLING to get sales and traffic now

  • Know that you have consistent trust-building content 💪 for your audience (so you can make more sales and book more clients)

  • Build a no-overwhelm system for filming videos 🧘‍♀️ every single month even if you’ve NEVER done YouTube videos before

  • Lessen the amount of content you are creating 😎 by knowing your YouTube videos are doing all the hard work for you

Watch the stress of unstable ad strategies and flash in the pan social media trends all melt away with your new “Customers On Tap” YouTube plan!

Here's what's included:

PART 1: Implementation Plan To YouTube Success

  • 6 Week implementation plan to have your channel up, running and driving leads in 6 weeks

  • Asana template to use for quick references to 📝checklists, timelines and dates to actually get through the program

  • Active Facebook community with bi-weekly Q and A Calls so you always have someone to get you "unstuck".

(Value: $997)

PART 2: YouTube Launch (or Relaunch) Roadmap For Success

  • Learn WHAT your first video should be, HOW many videos you need to have when your channel launches, and how long they should be.

  • Make sure you have your channel set up for the YouTube algorithm

    👉🏻(channel keywords, About section, channel banner)

  • Complete workflow for promoting your videos to get the algorithm LOVING you!

(Value: $297)

PART 3: YouTube Video Blueprint (that people actually watch)

  • Get my EXACT YouTube 📹video game plan so you know exactly what to say, and when to say it in your videos.

  • Examples of great title and thumbnail combinations to ENSURE your audience clicks on your videos.

  • The secrets to adding more engagement and entertainment into your videos that will get people to the end and ready to work with you NOW.

(Value: $297)

PART 4: Compounding Formula for Channel Growth

  • What you should be looking at when you publish your video to get it to

    reach MORE people.

  • How to audit the data📊 YouTube provides you to give it MORE of what's working.

  • Learn how to create even better, higher reaching content when you feed the algorithm what it wants!

(Value: $397)

PART 5: Sustainability and Profitability Guide

  • Our 🎆Firework Strategy - our secret sauce to making the algorithm happy and making sales in our business!

  • Learn and implement the power of batching with my batching process SOP.

  • Process to going back and fixing older videos so they can compound growth for you as well!

(Value: $197)

PART 6: Strategic Repurpose Plan

  • The 5 ways to using YouTube content on Instagram that isn't just cutting your video up into clips.

  • A blog and Pinterest strategy to really grow your 💻website's SEO!

  • Streamline all the content you need to create in your video with our YouTube repurpose workflow.

(Value: $397)


This isn't just your average "course", you aren't going to do this alone! Every other week, join our weekly Zoom call for accountability and feedback on your work.

You aren't going to do this alone! Every other week, join our weekly Zoom call.

  • Twice A Month Q&A Call - Need Trena and her team to help you "get unstuck" with your YouTube strategy or just need advice on what video you should film next, you are going to love the coaching call!

  • Facebook community to connect with other business owners starting their channels and get support from our team!

  • Even if you ONLY join for these calls, it makes your investment TOTALLY worth it (ex: I charge $750 an hour for strategy calls!) Plus these calls aren't going anywhere, you get life time access to these coaching calls.

Value of these calls: PRICELESS


“Before VSA, I started out seeing very little movement from my videos. After joining VSA, I saw growth almost immediately. And just 28 days into VSA, we went from 200 subscribers to 5,000 subscribers (now OVER 110,000 subscribers!). NOT ONLY THAT, but I began making MULTIPLE sales every single month from my videos. In just one month, I made back every penny that VSA cost.” - Hope Ware

Made $22K HER FIRST YEAR ON YOUTUBE... without a product or service.

Went from 200 subscribers and 5K views to:

20,000 subscribers and 1 MILLION views in UNDER 6 months


Anddddd, there’s more where that came from!

[Bonuses on bonuses galore!]

bonus #1

The Tech Side Of Video

Know exactly what equipment you need to pull off posting every week on YouTube.

No longer wish the quality of your video was better!

Don't stress on all the gadgets and tech with video,

get the SIMPLEST set up you need to get your videos live!

($97 value)

bonus #2

Save Time - Batch With Ease

No need to do your hair and make up every week.

Learn how to batch a month worth of content in one day!

You will always have your videos filmed in advance!

YouTube filming now becomes part of your routine

so you ACTUALLY stay consistent with it!

($97 value)

bonus #3

YouTube Video Title + Thumbnail Swipe Vault

Have a list of proven video titles and thumbnails concepts to ease the titles creation process.

No longer struggle on what imagery you need for your thumbnails.

Know with confidence, your video titles and thumbnails are best optimized for clicks!

($197 value)

bonus #4

DFY 12 Week YouTube Strategy

Curated list of video ideas that can be tweaked and used for ANY niche.

Know exactly how to title your first 12 videos and what your calls to action should be in these videos.

Your first 12 videos are already done for you, you just need to pick the topic and film!

($297 value)


These are the same tactics that have helped...

  • Becca grew over 50K subscribers in just 3 months and hit over 100,000 YouTube subscribers

  • Lindsay booked her first one-on-one client with less than 1,000 YouTube subscribers

  • Zoe made $200 from ONE video with less than 100 views and 100 subscribers

  • Mallory had her most profitable month in business by using strategic video content to drive more leads to her business!

Creating easy YouTube content is my JAM.

Real talk moment...I can teach you evvvverything you need to know about creating an AMAZING YouTube strategy. In fact, there are LOTS of YouTube experts who you can teach you YouTube strategy... but what good is a YouTube strategy if you don't have the time to implement it?

Or burning yourself out trying to implement your YouTube Strategy?

THIS is my speciality, finding the time to make videos that count! I'm a mom of 2 little kids, I run a service based agency and I'm still CONSISTENTLY posting to YouTube very single week... without working Friday - Sunday.

Why learning from ME inside VSA 3.0 is different- I'm going to help set up a system to have a manageable YouTube plan you can actually handle... no one else is teaching this!

Let me fill you in on a little secret…

Creating great YouTube strategy is less about getting ONE video perfect, & more about starting with a strategic plan that will make sure all your effort counts for the long haul

… but I didn’t always know that!

Hey heyyy, I’m Trena - a YouTube Strategist

who teaches women how to create YouTube content that works harder to get you noticed and get you PAID inside of my signature program, Video Strategy Academy.

I was afraid creating YouTube video was just too risky. It felt like a crazy vulnerability hangover, especially if it wouldn’t get me any kind of crazy results to match.

But, when I finally got over the hump of creating that first video, and the second, and so on, something crazy happened—people listened, my audience grew, and I was no longer at a loss for what content to create or how to serve with crazy value. I didn’t need all the confidence in the world to build authority, I just needed to TAKE ACTION.

And now, not to toot my own horn, (maybe just a little…), I’m a pro at breaking down the technical aspects of video content creation, especially on YouTube. My goal is to make it less scary and less time-consuming for you—because I know you’ve got a HECK of a lot going on already.

Cut the confusion & overwhelm. Steal my strategy!


There’s only ONE thing standing between YouTube videos that get soul-crushing crickets...

...and YouTube videos that get you noticed & get PAID

That one thing?

The right STRATEGY.

It seems logical to think that YouTube would just be another thing to add to your to-do list, but in all reality, it might actually be your golden ticket to making all your kinda crazy dreams come true.

And I want nothing more than for those kinda crazy dreams to come true for you and your business, so I’m literally GIVING AWAY every single piece of the proven system that’s helped me build authority, leverage content, and scale my own business (and countless others’) with YouTube.

“After two months of just starting to implement things inside of Video Strategy Academy, I had my most PROFITABLE MONTH YET, and it had historically been a low month for me. 6 months in and I am BOOKED SOLID with clients! The best part is, I can track that these clients are coming directly from videos on my YouTube channel!”

–Mallory G.

Let me guess: All of that sounds like totally your jam?


I first joined Trena’s program because I had so many fun ideas for videos, but I didn’t know how YouTube actually worked. Her tech trainings are so clear and helpful, and Trena offers on-demand help for anything I need an expert opinion on. Since first joining her program, I’ve grown my subscriber base to over 350 with only 12 or 15 videos, booked multiple clients from those videos, and a speaking gig for my dream client. I’ve been able to show my personality through video to everyone in my business [which is something I’ve wanted to do for so long!]"

- Brittany, [Work Brighter]


“I’ve purchased other courses before, but as a beginner, I like Trena’s course. She provides step-by-step instruction to help me get over the hurdles of creating my YouTube channel. I recently launched my YouTube channel and within five days had 200 views and 29 subscribers. It’s a start, and I’m so excited! I've even gotten comments from people already changing their posture because of my video! Trena’s course helped me really understand how video works. If you’re a beginner, I really think you should let Trena help you!”

-Dr. Joella


“I can’t say enough how great it was to work with Trena this year on my YouTube and video strategies. She helps you see the possibilities a successful channel can bring and how it can help you grow your business—no matter the niche you’re in. Trena is not only a video and YouTube expert, but is also a great role model for how to run a successful business because she walks the talk. She is supportive, positive, with a can-do attitude that gives her students the confidence to be the best they can be with their YouTube channel.

- Christine [Science Educator and Visual Artist]


"I knew that video content was something I wanted to add to my online business. I tried to do it myself and researched all that I could, [...but…] my video was a mess! Four months after starting Trena’s program, I have a YouTube channel that’s growing, video content that’s added to my online business, confidence in my content, and strategies that are reaching my audience 24/7 through video. All the pieces needed to create a YouTube channel, it’s all in here. This is the best course I’ve ever bought [and I’ve bought lots of ecourses.] I give this course a 5-star rating.”

- Sharon, [Elite Mom Planning]

How do you know if we’re a match made in YouTube heaven?

Video Strategy Academy 3.0 is perfect for you if…

Video Strategy Academy 3.0 is

perfect for you if…

  • You know you’re DANG good at what you do … you just need someone to show you the ropes on the whole YouTube thing, because you know YouTube is the next right thing for you.

  • You’ve dabbled with putting up a few Facebook Lives, Insta Reels, TikToks, or short-screen trainings on YouTube (or IGTV!), but you’re NOT seeing any results.

  • Your freebies, opt-ins, and masterclasses are worth their weight in gold, and you just need more people to know about them!

  • You don’t mind a little hand-holding when it comes to learning YouTube strategy and the video creation process, ‘cause you love to get feedback to make your content perform and look better!

  • You’re ready to roll up your sleeves, figure this YouTube thing out, and leave the fear and imposter syndrome in the dust, and getting your business a little bit closer to running on auto-pilot.

Video Strategy Academy 3.0 is NOT a good fit for you if…

  • You’re unwilling to learn new skills, put in the work to make YouTube happen, and commit to posting videos on YouTube!

  • You don’t want to get out of your comfort zone and put yourself on video or even try to film a video.

  • You’re not open to finding creative solutions to make it possible to film video content in your home or workspace.

  • You'd rather figure this all out on your own because you think it's JUST about finding the perfect SEO keywords... you don't think it will be THAT hard.

  • You’d rather keep doing things the way you’ve always done them instead of finding ways to grow yourself so you can truly grow your business.

  • You'd like to just keep bleeding money with Facebook ads costing going up.

Video Strategy Academy 3.0 is

NOT a good fit for you if…

  • You’re unwilling to learn new skills or put in the work to make YouTube happen

  • You don’t want to put yourself on video or even try to film a video

  • You’re not open to finding creative solutions to make it possible to film video content in your home or workspace.

  • You’d rather keep doing things the way you’ve always done them instead of finding ways to grow yourself so you can truly grow your business.

Video Strategy Academy 3.0







    ($297 value)


    ($297 value)




    ($397 value)

BONUS: The Tech Side Of Video ($97 value)

BONUS: Save Time - Batch With Ease Workshop ($97 value)

BONUS: YouTube Video Title + Thumbnail Swipe Vault ($197 value)

BONUS: DFY 12 Week YouTube Strategy($297)

Total Value: $3,864+

Regular Price: $1,250





    ($297 value)


    ($297 value)




    ($397 value)

BONUS: The Tech Side Of Video ($97 value)

BONUS: Save Time - Batch With Ease Workshop ($97 value)

BONUS: YouTube Video Title + Thumbnail Swipe Vault ($197 value)

BONUS: DFY 12 Week YouTube Strategy($297)

EXTRA BONUS: Editing For Conversion (value $297)

One of the biggest hangups people have is not knowing how to edit their videos. And when it comes to getting people to take action from your video edits? Totally at a loss. That’s why this bonus is included in your purchase of VSA — because I’m going to show you how to edit for conversions so you get real results from your videos (without spending hours tediously editing your raw footage).

EXTRA BONUS: Marketing Calendar SOP (value $297)

⭐️ Never released OUTSIDE of 10K On Replay ⭐️

Finally set up a clear marketing plan so you know EXACTLY what to post on your social channels to make money EVERY SINGLE WEEK.

Asana board template and training video to set it up to work in your business.

Now you'll be better organized to get the MAXIMUM potential out of every single video you publish.

Premier 1-on-1 Coaching:

10K On


  • Get VSA FREE inside my premier coaching program 10K On Replay.

  • Best if you are looking for more one-on-one support and a community of action taking entrepreneurs.

  • Looking for help in YouTube AND growing your business.

  • Want personalized feedback and support from someone who takes the time to UNDERSTAND your business.

  • Onboarding call with custom 90 day plan created SPECIFICALLY for your goals.

Due to the high touch support and customization offered inside 10K On Replay, we only accepted a limited amount of clients to work with. Please apply at the button above and we'll be in contact with next steps.


Results From ONE MONTH!

You can get allllll of this and more for just a one-time payment of $997!

Even though I’m a total advocate for paying top dollar to invest in the best solutions to grow your business, I don’t wa